Roccella phycopsis

Thallus fruticose, 1-8 cm, branches pale-grey. Medulla yellow at the point of attachment.
On dry, vertical or overhanging rock faces.
Soralia abundant. Apothecia very rare.
Thallus C+ red
Tossa de Mar
Ecology, geology: Vertical rocks and other surfaces near to the coast
Altitude: 10 m
Location: Tossa de Mar (La Selva)
Climate: Mediterranean prelitoral north (Tmm=14,3ºC, AT=16ºC, 736mm)
Roccella phycopsis on N-E walls of St Vicenç Church. Tossa de Mar
Roccella phycopsis on N-E walls of Joanàs Tower
Common name: catalan: orxel·la; spanish: orchilla; english: roccella lichen
Comment: Roccella  was used as a source of purple dye and litmus.
Roccella phycopsis on bark of Pinus pinea

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