Pleopsidium flavum

Crustose, on silicic rocks. Thallus brilliant yellow, with radiating lobes.
Apothecia (0,5-1,2 mm) with persistent thalline margins.

Pleopsidium flavum
Third pitch of the climbing route "Esperó de Doppelmayer"

Ecology, geology: Metamorphic rocks, slates and schists (Silurian)
Altitude: 2.000 m
Location: Ordino Arcalís Station (Andorre)
Climate: Oceanic (Tmm=9,6ºC,  900mm)

More lichens in this rock climbing route: Vertilíquens - Balma d'Arcalís - Esperó Doppelmayr 90m (MD-)

Pleopsidium flavum on andesite from "Midi d'Ossau - Jolly (400m MD+) France"

Common name: gold cobblestone lichen

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