Peltigera venosa

Foliose, attached by a single rhizine on silicic soil. Upper surface bright green when wet. Lower surface white, pale, with reticulate villose veins with dark cephalodia. 1-6 Apothecia per lobe, <5mm diameter, rounded, flat. Photobiont chlorococcoid, cephalodia with Nostoc.

Ecology, geology: on siliceous and rich humus soil, Abies alba and Pinus uncinata forest. Sandstones and lutites in centimetric alternations of Cambrian-Ordovician.
Altitude: 1.925 m
Location: Barranc de Pussatrapa. Soriguera (Pallars Sobirà)
Climate: Western Pre-pyrenean Mediterranean (Tmm=6ºC,  700mm)
Common name: fan lichen

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