Pleopsidium flavum

Crustose, on silicic rocks. Thallus brilliant yellow, with radiating lobes.
Apothecia (0,5-1,2 mm) with persistent thalline margins.

Pleopsidium flavum
Third pitch of the climbing route "Esperó de Doppelmayer"

Ecology, geology: Metamorphic rocks, slates and schists (Silurian)
Altitude: 2.000 m
Location: Ordino Arcalís Station (Andorre)
Climate: Oceanic (Tmm=9,6ºC,  900mm)

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Pleopsidium flavum on andesite from "Midi d'Ossau - Jolly (400m MD+) France"

Common name: gold cobblestone lichen

Pleopsidium chlorophanum

Crustose, on silicic rocks. Bright yellow.
Smooth thallus, convex apothecia.
Pleopsidium chlorophanum

First pitch of the climbing route "El vol de l'home ocell"
Climbing route - Topo
First belay station

Pleopsidium chlorophanum
Ecology, geology: Metamorphic rocks, phyllites an hornfels (Carboniferous-Permian)
Altitude: 1.703 m
Location: Cim de les Agudes  (Fogars de Monclús-Arbúcies, Vallès Oriental-La Selva)
Climate: Mediterranean pyrenean occidental (Tmm=10,2ºC, AT=18,5ºC, 650,8mm)

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Common name: gold cobblestone lichen

Rhizocarpon grup geographicum

Crustose saxicolous, on silicic rocks. Green-yellow.
Apothecia (1-1,5) mm diam., black.
Ascospores dark-brown, muriform, 20-50x10-20 µm
Permian sandstones, conglomerates and lutites. Coll de Laguén
Permian sandstones, conglomerates and lutite
Rhizocarpon grup geographicum (green-yellow tallus)
Ecology, geology: Conglomerates, sandstone and lutites (Permian)
Altitude: 1.485 m
Location: Coll de Laguén - Adraen (Alt Urgell)
Climate: Mediterranean pyrenean occidental (Tmm=10,2ºC, AT=18,5ºC, 650,8mm)
Rhizocarpon grup geographicum X20

Rhizocarpon grup geographicum - spores X1000
Rhizocarpon grup geographicum - algal cells X1000
Common name: map lichen

Umbilicaria deusta

Umbilicaria deusta

Thallus foliose, attached at a single point by a central strand (umbilicate), 2-8cm, upper surface bronw-black with cylindric and flattened isidia.
Apothecia very rare.
Umbilicaria deusta
Ecology, geology: Gneiss, schists
Altitude: 1.650 m
Location: Les Agudes, Montseny (Vallès Oriental)
Climate: Mediterranean prelitoral north (Tmm=6,8ºC, AT=14,4ºC, 1.069 mm)
Les Agudes, Montseny
Les Agudes des del Turó de l'Home

Teloschistes chrysophthalmus

Thallus fruticose epiphytic, 1-2 cm, orange-yellow.
Apothecia very frequent, disc 1-6 mm, with abundant fibrils 0,5-1,5 mm long.
Thallus and apothecia K+ purple
Ascospores ellipsoid: 10-15x5-8 µm
Teloschistes chrysophthalmus
El Montcau, Sant Llorenç del Munt
Ecology:   On twigs of Quercus ilex
Altitude: 900 m
Location: Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac (Vallès Occidental)
Climate: Mediterranean prelitoral (Tmm=11,3C, AT=18,5ºC, 686mm) 
Teloschistes chrysophthalmus X30
Teloschistes chrysophthalmus X1000

Usnea florida

Thallus fruticose epiphytic, 3-10 cm, branches grey-green.
Apothecia very frequent, disc 5-10 mm, with marginal projections 5mm long.
Thallus K+ yellow, P+ yellow-orange
Ascospores ellipsoid: 8-11x5-7µm
Ecology: subalpine forest 
Altitude: 1.100 m
Location: Canejan (La Vall d'Aran)
Climate: Oceanic (Tmm=9,6ºC, AT=15,3ºC, 939,7mm)
Subalpine forest - Canejan - Vall d'Aran
Usnea florida on Abies alba
Usnea florida x30
Usnea florida x1000

Roccella phycopsis

Thallus fruticose, 1-8 cm, branches pale-grey. Medulla yellow at the point of attachment.
On dry, vertical or overhanging rock faces.
Soralia abundant. Apothecia very rare.
Thallus C+ red
Tossa de Mar
Ecology, geology: Vertical rocks and other surfaces near to the coast
Altitude: 10 m
Location: Tossa de Mar (La Selva)
Climate: Mediterranean prelitoral north (Tmm=14,3ºC, AT=16ºC, 736mm)
Roccella phycopsis on N-E walls of St Vicenç Church. Tossa de Mar
Roccella phycopsis on N-E walls of Joanàs Tower
Common name: catalan: orxel·la; spanish: orchilla; english: roccella lichen
Comment: Roccella  was used as a source of purple dye and litmus.
Roccella phycopsis on bark of Pinus pinea